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At The Dance Pointe everything we do is focussed on providing a safe environment for our students. We recognise our duty for safeguarding and protecting children from abuse, as defined in the Children Act 2004, the Education Act 2002 and The Children (Performances and Activities) (England) Regulations 2014.

Our safeguarding officer is Hannah Harris, please contact Hannah on if you have any concerns about safeguarding.


All Dance Pointe teachers are DBS checked, qualified or professionally experienced and insured. All staff at The Dance Pointe share an objective to help keep children and young people safe by:


  • Providing a safe environment to learn in 

  • Creating an environment which encourages children to develop a positive self esteem regardless of race, language, religion, culture or home background 

  • Identifying and responding to children and young people in need of support and/or protection 

  • Supporting children’s development in ways which will foster a sense of self esteem and independence 

  • Fostering a learning environment in which every pupil feels valued and able to articulate their wishes and feelings in an atmosphere of acceptance and trust 

  • Working within the guidelines of the Kent Safeguarding Children Board and the Council of Dance Education and Training 

  • Contacting Social Services to seek advice or make a report for any situation which affects a child’s wellbeing.





  • Parents are asked to give permission for The Dance Pointe to photograph/film their children when enrolling their children at The Dance Pointe.


Policy last reviewed on: 1st December 2018

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